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Our main streaming language and software (full repository with all in-house OCaml binbings).
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liquidsoap @ 059295c Bump modules.
ocaml-aacplus @ 8fdd4bc Updated module(s).
ocaml-alsa @ d4ef00d Updated module(s).
ocaml-ao @ 3b1304f Updated module(s).
ocaml-bjack @ 9477493 Bump modules.
ocaml-cry @ dace862 Bump modules.
ocaml-dssi @ 3618df4 Updated module(s).
ocaml-dtools @ bf2417b Bump modules.
ocaml-duppy @ cbc0b18 Bump modules.
ocaml-faad @ a5c1fa7 Bump modules.
ocaml-fdkaac @ ae89446 Updated module(s).
ocaml-ffmpeg @ 23180ad Updated module(s).
ocaml-flac @ 1d88498 Bump modules.
ocaml-frei0r @ 1332caa Bump modules.
ocaml-gavl @ 59f1ecb Updated module(s).
ocaml-gstreamer @ 26d202c Updated module(s).
ocaml-ladspa @ 9c804ca Updated module(s).
ocaml-lame @ aae8150 Updated module(s).
ocaml-lastfm @ 6d417b0 Bump modules.
ocaml-lo @ 66fc743 Bump modules.
ocaml-mad @ 7e5727c Updated module(s).
ocaml-mm @ ed25912 Bump modules.
ocaml-ogg @ fd22013 Bump modules.
ocaml-opus @ 0cd8d58 Updated module(s).
ocaml-portaudio @ fc2fe1b Updated module(s).
ocaml-pulseaudio @ a6d5a49 Updated module(s).
ocaml-samplerate @ 2881511 Updated module(s).
ocaml-schroedinger @ c505186 Updated module(s).
ocaml-shine @ 3079228 Bump modules.
ocaml-soundtouch @ 9d3413c Updated module(s).
ocaml-speex @ 6d597b4 Bump modules.
ocaml-taglib @ 628d329 Updated module(s).
ocaml-theora @ 1c63614 Updated module(s).
ocaml-voaacenc @ 93b9d65 Updated module(s).
ocaml-vorbis @ fec9f21 Bump modules.
ocaml-xmlplaylist @ fac453d Bump modules.
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LICENSE Here it is.
Makefile Makefile.git is not needed in -full.
Makefile.git Minor stuff.
PACKAGES.default Also enable ocaml-shine in PACKAGES.default
PACKAGES.minimal Updated modules, added fdkaac to PACKAGES files.
README Precise that the Liquidsoap language is independent from OCaml.
README.git Fixed/split git makefile commands, documented them.
bootstrap Have bootstrap download submodules.
configure Checks for git compatible with -full.


Savonet - Audio Streaming Tools

Savonet is a set of open-source tools for multimedia streaming, particularly
adapted for netradios. It is mainly written in OCaml (but the Liquidsoap
language has nothing to do with OCaml).

Please follow the procedure described in the INSTALL file to build and install
liquidsoap, savonet's streamer.
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