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Relaying ICE/1.0 streams #144

smimram opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Recently, Alexander on the ML could not connect input.harbor from SAM Broadcaster, as well as from Edcast. The input is set up as usual:

live = input.harbor(id = "live",   
  auth = fun (user, password) -> myauth(password),  port = 7006),  # always returns true

and the relevant part of the log is, when a client connects

2014/01/16 15:23:42 [harbor:4] Client logged in.
2014/01/16 15:23:42 [harbor:4] SOURCE request on /live.
2014/01/16 15:23:42 [harbor:4] Adding source on mountpoint "/live" with type "application/ogg".
2014/01/16 15:23:42 [harbor:5] Relaying ICE/1.0.
2014/01/16 15:23:42 [harbor:4] Returned 500 for '/live': File "tools/", line 364, characters 31-37: Assertion failed

So, it seems that we are getting an ICE stream, but the current code is only set up to relay HTTP streams.

@toots what do you think of that?

@toots toots was assigned

Most likely a missing one-liner from one of the previous rewrite..

I've just committed a change adding support according to, closing now and will notify the user for testing/feedback..


Fixed in ba0e2fe

@toots toots closed this
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