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Liquidsoap 1.0.1

@smimram smimram released this Jul 3, 2012 · 724 commits to master since this release


  • correct type for the "flush" parameter in output.external() thanks to Romaric Petion for pointing it out
  • fix bug where MP3 encoder would discard initial ID3v2 rendering
  • fix bug where smart_cross() would stop before the end of tracks, thanks to Edward Kimber for raising the issue
  • load libraries in --interactive [LS-618]
  • update examples, notably the installed radio.liq thanks to Emery Hemingway for noticing the problem
  • generalize the types of input.http() and input.harbor() to allow variable content kinds, and also allow video for harbor [LS-601]
  • request.equeue() now allows to remove requests from the primary queue
  • fix compilation of lame dynamic plugin.


  • new values for metadata fields does not override old one anymore; use setting "request.metadata_decoders.override" to restore old behavior
  • stereo_mode and internal_quality parameters for %mp3 encoder
  • enable mad decoder for MP1 and MP2 in addition to MP3, create aliased configuration keys "decoder.file_extensions/mime_types.mad"
  • support for CUE sheet playlists and metadata in M3U
  • setting "decoder.taglib.force_mpeg" to force taglib to consider files as MPEG
  • scripting builtins getenv(), setenv() and environment()
  • scripting builtin source.fallible()
  • harbor is now verb-oriented, supporting GET, POST, PUT, HEAD, DELETE, OPTIONS
  • load DSSI plugins from environment variables and using dssi.register()
  • also display the type of the whole expression when -i is passed
  • generalized custom path support for facilitating standalone distributions
  • and as usual, various improvements in the code, log and error messages, etc.


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