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Liquidsoap 1.1.0

@smimram smimram released this Mar 5, 2013 · 489 commits to master since this release


  • Add support for GStreamer decoding, processing and encoding (%gstreamer
    format, v4l webcam input is now implemented using GStreamer).

  • Add support for opus decoding and encoding.

  • Add support for the shine encoder, which can efficiently work on architectures
    without FPU.

  • Add support for automatically computing the duration of tracks in the
    "duration" metadata [LS-641]. It can be enabled with

  • Add support for frei0r video effects.

  • Allow %define'd variables in encoding formats [LS-634], e.g.
    %define BITRATE 24
    %define STEREO true
    output.file(%mp3(bitrate = BITRATE, stereo = STEREO),"bla.mp3",s)


  • Taglib now reads all metadatas (even non-standard ones).

  • Add a mode to automatically reload a playlist when the file was changed
    [LS-363,LS-523]. For instance, s =
    playlist("~/Music",reload_mode="watch"). Also, add to call a
    callback when a file is changed, with inotify support when present.

  • Add support for FFMpeg as video converter, which you can use with
    set("video.converter.preferred", "ffmpeg")

  • Add back_time argument to blank operators [LS-609].

  • Add a metadata to override duration.

  • MIME is computed at most once when extracting replaygain.

  • Default samplerate converter is now "fast".

  • BPM detection (bpm) now uses a callback.

  • Add clock.unify to unify clocks of all sources from a list.

  • Add "source_url" metadata to input.http streams.

  • Improved error message when theora format is not supported.

  • Add list.filter function.

  • video.add_image can now take any image format as input.

  • Add mux_stereo.

  • Support for external decoders in streams.

  • Move bugtracker to


  • Configure is now compatible with OCaml >= 4.0 and removed support for OCaml <
    3.11 [LS-625].

  • Fix random memory access / memory leak when decoding AAC/MP4 files [LS-647].

  • Correct resampling of wav files.

  • Use the length for data indicated in header for wav files.

  • Argv.(0) now returns the script name [LS-605].

  • Liquidsoap should now operate fine when compiled with -noassert [LS-578].

  • Better handling of inexistent MIDI channels.

  • Video decoder now correctly handles videos from Icecast.

  • Avoid visu.volume freezing Liquidsoap on shutdown.

  • Fix a memory leak when decoding both audio and video in ogg [LS-636].

  • More efficient handling of video converters, also fixes some crashes [LS-623].

  • Have the soundtouch operator preserve tags [LS-621].

  • Fix remaining time estimation in cross and smart_cross.

  • Avoid deadlocks in harbor and input.http.

  • Remove leftover files in configure [LS-567].

  • Handle wav files with padded fmt headers.

  • Handle end-of-stream when seeking mp3 with mad.


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