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{exec, spawn} = require "child_process"
call = (command, fn) ->
exec command, (err, stdout, stderr) ->
if err?
console.error "Error :"
return console.dir err
fn err if fn?
system = (command, args) ->
spawn command, args, stdio: "inherit"
build = (fn) ->
call "coffee -c -o lib/node/ src/node/*.coffee", ->
call "coffee -c -o lib/node/api src/node/api/*.coffee", ->
call "rm -rf tmp && mkdir -p tmp/api", ->
call "cp src/node/*.coffee src/browser/*.coffee tmp", ->
call "cp src/node/api/*.coffee tmp/api", ->
call "browserify tmp/ -o lib/browser/liquidsoap.js", ->
call "minifyjs --engine yui --level 2 lib/browser/liquidsoap.js > lib/browser/liquidsoap.min.js", fn
task 'build', 'Compile coffee scripts into plain Javascript files', ->
build ->
console.log "Done!"
task 'test', 'Run the tests', (args) ->
build ->
exec "rm -rf tmp && mkdir -p tmp tmp/api && cp -rf src/node/* test/*.coffee tmp", ->
require "./tmp/request"
task 'spec', 'Run the spec tests', ->
system "jasmine-node", ["--coffee", "./spec"]