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0.3.1 (03-08-2015)
* Switch to Bytes API.
0.3.0 (13-05-2011)
* Added timeout for http operations (#351)
* Fixed bug when submitting to two different
hosts with the same user and password.
* Functorized Audioscrobbler and Radio to
allow to build a version without using
0.2.0 (12-10-2009)
* Added support for --enable-debugging configure option
* Fixed Makefile for BSD: call $(MAKE) for generating documentation.
* Now using xmlm instead of xml-light.
* Removed anonymous radio connection: no longer available upstream... :-(
* Made audioscrobbler host configurable, in order to allow or other
0.1.3 (17-09-2008)
* Broadcast requests were submitted as User requests.. Fixed !
* Bumped protocol version to latest (1.2.1)
* Moved to to avoid poluting the
0.1.2 (16-04-2008)
* Install .cmx file
0.1.1 (19-12-2007)
* Changed API:
- Simply create a song record with get_song
- Test wether your song record is valid for each submission
- submit and do_submit now return a list of songs that
couldn't be submited, along with the explanation
- get, do_np and do_submit now give another try when failed
authentification can be due to caching inconsistency
- anonymous get requests are somehow better handled when caching.
However, you should not use get for multiple simultaneous anonymous
+ Better Radio protocol reversing, removed no longer available
playlist url.
+ Close http connection when error is raised by underlying modul
0.1.0 (01-11-2007)
* Initial release