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0.6.2 (03-08-2015)
* Switched to Bytes and uppercast_ascii APIs.
* Changed types to match new ocaml-ogg's API.
Should be fully backward compatible.
0.6.1 (04-10-2011)
* Added optional encoder field for
headerout functions.
0.6.0 (04-07-2011)
* Changed Vorbis.File opening API
* Fixed segfault when finalizing a file decoder.
* Only encode or decode an array with the same number of
channels that the encoder/decoder requires.
* Cleaned unused exceptions.
* Added function to return a string representation of
the exceptions defined in this module.
* Register previous function with Printexc.register_printer
when available (ocaml >= 3.11.2)
* Added decoding module for the new Ogg_demuxer module.
0.5.1 (14-10-2009)
* Added support for --enable-debugging configure option
* Added NO_CUSTOM to build
in standard mode.
* Added prefix to main compilation variables
if passed to configure.
* Makefile now honnors LIBDIRS
variable for linking against libraries
located in other places than then standard
0.5.0 (17-02-2009)
* Binded low-level decoding API
in order to decode ogg streams.
Previous Decoder module has been
moved to File.Decoder
* Added time_of_granulepos to get the
relative time corresponding to a granulepos.
0.4.1 (16-04-2008)
* Minor fixes
* More portable make invokation
* Install .cmx file
0.4.0 (16-10-2007)
* Complete rewrite of the library in order to use ocaml-ogg.
0.3.1 (20-05-2007)
* Added decode_float to decode directly to float arrays.
* Added encode_float to encode directly from float arrays.
* Made the output format optional for function creating decoders since it is
not used for float output.
0.3.0 (02-03-2007)
* Changed duration value from int to float for more precision.
It is an interface change, hence the new version number.
* Polishing and minor memory related fixes.
0.2.3 (11-11-2006)
* More releases of ocaml's master lock.
* Fine-tuning of CAMLparams, cleaning up.
0.2.2 (07-07-2006)
* Added set_charset function.
* Added blocking section in functions to open files.
* Optional information reading, avoids the computation of the file duration.
* Support for the "comment" metadata field.
* Code hardening, cleanup and documentation.
0.2.1 (15-11-2005)
* Using caml_alloc_custom to create custom blocks.
* Added open_dec_file function to handle decoding of streams using callback
* Added encode_buffer_part function to encode only a portion of a buffer.
* Added get_dec_file_bitstream, get_dec_file_comments and get_dec_file_info
* Removed some unused fields in dec_params (sorry for the breakage of
* Fixed some memory leaks with tags.
0.2.0 (20-04-2005)
* Better conversion of the input audio data: downsampling supported, conversion
from stereo to mono doesn't segfaults anymore. Added a blocking_section by the
way, and a few inline.
* Reverted removal of open_dec_fd.
* Updated OCamlMakefile and improved build system.
* Using caml namespace functions.
* Added wav2ogg encoder example.
0.1.1 (30-06-2004)
* Cleanup of the stubs with better use of the CAML* macros
* Prototype of "create_encoder" changed.
* "get_header_frame" is removed (replaced by the new create_encoder).
* Added "encoder_reset".
* Removed "enc_serial_number" parameter (it is randomly generated by "create_encoder").
* Removed "open_dec_fd" since it is not necessary and fdopen(2) is not ANSI C.
* Improved the mli documentation.
0.1.0 (05-02-2004)
* Initial release.