Building Web Service Security
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Building Web Service Security.


Akami is available through Rubygems and can be installed via:

$ gem install akami

Getting started

wsse = Akami.wsse

Set the credentials for wsse:UsernameToken basic auth:

wsse.credentials "username", "password"

Set the credentials for wsse:UsernameToken digest auth:

wsse.credentials "username", "password", :digest

Enable wsu:Timestamp headers. wsu:Created is automatically set to and wsu:Expires is set to + 60:

wsse.timestamp = true

Manually specify the values for wsu:Created and wsu:Expires:

wsse.created_at =
wsse.expires_at = + 60

Akami is based on an autovivificating Hash. So if you need to add custom tags, you can add them.

wsse["wsse:Security"]["wsse:UsernameToken"] = { "Organization" => "ACME" }

When generating the XML for the request, this Hash will be merged with another Hash containing all the default tags and values.
This way you might digg into some code, but then you can even overwrite the default values.