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require "spec_helper"
describe "Temperature example" do
it "converts 30 degrees celsius to 86 degrees fahrenheit" do
client = Savon.client do
# The WSDL document provided by the service.
wsdl ""
# Needed because (up until now), Savon doesn't match XS types to Hash keys,
# but defaults to convert Hash message Symbols (like :from_unit) to lowerCamelCase.
# The service expects these to be CamelCase instead. Look at Savon's log output
# and compare it with an example request generated by soapUI.
convert_request_keys_to :camelcase
# Lower timeouts so these specs don't take forever when the service is not available.
open_timeout 10
read_timeout 10
# Disable logging for cleaner spec output.
log false
response = call_and_fail_gracefully(client, :convert_temp) do
# For the corrent values to pass for :from_unit and :to_unit, I searched the WSDL for
# the "FromUnit" type which is a "TemperatureUnit" enumeration that looks like this:
# <s:simpleType name="TemperatureUnit">
# <s:restriction base="s:string">
# <s:enumeration value="degreeCelsius"/>
# <s:enumeration value="degreeFahrenheit"/>
# <s:enumeration value="degreeRankine"/>
# <s:enumeration value="degreeReaumur"/>
# <s:enumeration value="kelvin"/>
# </s:restriction>
# </s:simpleType>
# Support for XS schema types needs to be improved.
message(:temperature => 30, :from_unit => "degreeCelsius", :to_unit => "degreeFahrenheit")
fahrenheit = response.body[:convert_temp_response][:convert_temp_result]
expect(fahrenheit).to eq("86")
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