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+# Contribution Guide
+This page describes how to contribute changes to Savon.
+Please do not create a pull request without reading this guide first.
+Make sure to read the documentation for your version at [](
+and post questions to the [mailing list](!forum/savonrb).
+**Bug fixes**
+If you really think you found a bug, please make sure to add as many information as possible
+to the ticket. You're a developer, we are developers and you know we need tests to reproduce
+problems and make sure they don't come back.
+So if you can reproduce your problem in a spec, that would be awesome! If you can't, please
+let us know how we could make this easier for you. Also, provide code and the WSDL of the
+service your working with so others can try to come up with a spec for your problem.
+After we have a failing spec, it obviously needs to be fixed. Make sure your new spec is the
+only failing one under the `spec` directory. Travis only runs the "unit tests" at `spec/savon`,
+but Savon actually has with some additional "integration/example specs" at `spec/integration`,
+which you need to run locally to make sure the integration with real world services still works.
+Notice that these specs are not run by Travis, because the service's are not guaranteed to work
+all the time and the specs will timeout after a few seconds when the service is currently down.
+Please follow this basic workflow for pull requests:
+* [Fork the project](
+* Create a feature branch and make your bug fix
+* Add tests for it!
+* Update the [Changelog](
+* [Send a pull request](
+* [Check that your pull request passes the build](
+**Improvements and feature requests**
+If you have an idea for an improvement or a new feature, please feel free to
+[create a new issue]( and describe your idea
+so that other people can give their insights and opinions. This is also important to avoid
+duplicate work.
+Pull requests and issues on GitHub are meant to be used to discuss problems and ideas,
+so please make sure to participate and follow up on questions. In case noone comments
+on your ticket, please keep updating the ticket with additional information.

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