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This repository contains random hacks for various purposes. Too small to live on their own, but possibly useful, so collected here for posterity.


I moved my blog from MovableType to WordPress. You can read more about the move, or take a look at the hacks that helped me achieve the move.


I'm interested in how the various mobile linux communities survive the political wranglings of the corporate sponsors. You can read the initial blog post At what price to community?, see the main stats page, or review the scripts.


Each year the Over The Air conference and hackathon takes place, and a couple of times I have written hacks. I've written up my experiences, and recently put the code on GitHub. These are probably the worst examples of code ever, since they were written in just a few hours overnight whilst attending a conference.

In 2010, I did a mashup of #blue with Plaxo: if your contacts existed in Plaxo, it would show their real names instead of their mobile numbers in the list of SMS messages retrieved from #blue. This was a quick-and-dirty implementation in PHP, and also included a postgres database where extra data could be held (for example links to photos).

In 2011, I did a mashup of BlueVia, Google Maps, and Pearson data. The idea was to show interesting things near you. I took the BlueVia node.js example as a starting point. The working example and use of node allowed for quicker prototyping.

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