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Geb Starter

A simple project to introduce Geb to others.

This repository is based on the following steps. All steps are organized as Git tags. Whenever you get lost or you'd like to fast forward use

git checkout tags/<tag-name>

If you would like to checkout the Git tag as a separate branch then use

git checkout tags/<tag-name> -b <branch-name>

In order to list all available Git tags please use

git tag -l

Step by step introduction

  • Step-00: Basic Geb setup using the Spock Framework with Google Chrome Webdriver and Gradle. The setup provides you a simple test that navigates to Google and verifies the title of the site.
  • Step-01: Enter some text into the Google Search textfield and start a query
  • Step-02: Create a page object that represents the Google search page

YouTube videos to this tutorial

This tutorial contains additional YouTube videos that cover this three steps. Disclaimer The videos are in German language.


A simple step by step intro into Geb




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