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buffers jobs in a period and exec specific method when two or more similer methods would be in a buffer

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Buffering jobs for a certain period and invoke specific method if two or more similer jobs in a buffer.


Supposing that you are running sort of social media that has user articles which accept comments on each. You'll probably want to have email notification for incomming comments on a article. If you implement straightforward, the auther of popular article would receive tons of email for an article. That must be bothering. To avoid sending too many mails to a receipient, you can merge multiple notificaiton messages into an array and process it with another specific method.

That mean, if a user gets a comment notification for her blog article as follows:

 @article = Article.create(:user => @user,:text => "my blog article here")
 c = @article.comments.create(:user => @jon, :text => "i love this article!")

Then. With this module,you can buffer notify method

 c1 = @article.comments.create(:user => @jon, :text => "i love this article!")
 c2 = @article.comments.create(:user => @ken, :text => "i hate this article!")

 # these two methods would be translated to
 # So, you can write other notification email template which handles array of comment objects


$ gem install buffered_job

or in Gemfile

gem 'buffered_job'

then, bundle install


$ (bundle exec) rails generate buffered_job
$ (bundle exec) rake db:migrate


This module depends on delayed_job_active_record. Set up delayed_job and be sure to run delayed_job worker.

Running jobs

flushing would be triggered by delayed_job. Start worker as follows after migrating the table required.

$ (bundle exec) rake jobs:work

See more details about delayed_job


With ActiveRecord Object

Every active_record object has buffer method. You can put it between receiver and method and bufferes method along with argument object.


When flushing buffer,if two methods above is detected, that would
invoke merge_{:original_method} method insted of original method on that User model,so in this case, you must define merge_post_to_twitter in User model.

  def merge_post_to_twitter(articles)

With ActionMailer Class

Also, subclasses of ActionMailer::Base have buffer method. You can buffer sending method with buffering keyword. That keyword will be used to determine which methods should be merged.

 # these two will be merged 
 #  and invoke merge_greeting([some_object,other_object])
 # this won't be merged into preceding two.

Current Limitation

Only one argument object can be passed to buffered method.


default buffering time is tree munites. To modify,

BufferedJob.delay_time = 30.seconds


Copyright (c) 2012 Masaki Sawamura. See LICENSE.txt for further details.

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