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Trac Theme Based on Foundation
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Trac Theme for adding the Foundation 3.1 front-end framework to your trac environment.

Easy to get started - just clone the project, place the stylesheets/app.css file into trac_env/httpd/stylesheets place the templates/theme.html file into your trac_env/templates directory.

Download Foundations 3.1 and copy the javascripts and images directory into the trac_env/httpd directory.
Copy the foundation.css directory into the trac_env/httpd/stylesheets directory.

Restart your trac instance and you're should be working.

For a quick start, it's looking good. There is still some stuff to do....but, fully functional. I started with the chevah / trac-bootstrap-theme and made my initial modifications from there. Thanks to that project for getting things rolling.


  • Fix actions menu hover in IE
  • Fix mainnav hover in IE (if move off the link - link color changes)
  • Fix project Hover in all browsers - hover does not fill the entire block element.
  • Move quickstart box into the actions bar.


If you enjoy this and want to contribute back please do - all contributions welcome.

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