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Informal meeting to talk (mainly) about maize, local adaptation, plant nutrition and related areas.

We meet on Wednesdays at the library terrace of the administrative building at 5 PM. See the list of papers below. Suggest more on slack.



Wednesday April 19

Meihls et al (2013) Natural Variation in Maize Aphid Resistance Is Associated with 2,4-Dihydroxy-7-Methoxy-1,4-Benzoxazin-3-One Glucoside Methyltransferase Activity

Wednesday April 12

Wu et al (2012) Presence of tannins in sorghum grains is conditioned by different natural alleles of Tannin1

Wednesday April 5

Mao et al (2015)A transposable element in a NAC gene is associated with drought tolerance in maize seedlings

Wednesday March 29

Fustier et al (2014)Signatures of local adaptation in lowland and highland teosintes from whole genome sequencing of pooled samples

Wednesday March 22

Lemmon et al (2014)The Role of cis Regulatory Evolution in Maize Domestication

Wednesday March 15

Liu et al (2012)Changes in genome content generated via segregation of non-allelic homologs

Wednesday March 8

Plessis et al (2015) Multiple abiotic stimuli are integrated in the regulation of rice gene expression under field conditions

Wednesday March 1

Maron et al (2017) Aluminum tolerance in maize is associated with higher MATE1 gene copy number

Wednesday February 22

Waters et al (2017) Natural variation for gene expression responses to abiotic stress in maize

Wednesday January 11

Shaw et al (2014) Natural Selection Canalizes Expression Variation of Environmentally Induced Plasticity-Enabling Genes


Wednesday December 28

Renny-Byfield, Rodgers-Melnick & Ross-Ibarra (2016) Gene fractionation and function in the ancient subgenomes of maize

Wednesday November 30

Todesco el al (2012) Natural allelic variation underlying a major fitness trade-off in Arabidopsis thaliana

Wednesday November 23

Gould et al (2016) Pooled ecotype sequencing reveals candidate genetic mechanisms for adaptive differentiation and reproductive isolation

Wednesday November 16

Jian-Yang et al (2015) A gene for genetic background in Zea mays: fine-mapping enhancer of teosinte branched1.2 (etb1.2) to a YABBY class transcription factor

Wednesday November 9

Postponed for general depression after Trump won the elections.

Wednesday November 2

Thieme et al (2015) Endogenous Arabidopsis messenger RNAs transported to distant tissues

Wednesday October 26

Selinger & Chandler (1999) Major recent and independent changes in levels and patterns of expression have occurred at the b gene, a regulatory locus in maize

Selinger, Lisch & Chandler (1998) The Maize Regulatory Gene B-Peru Contains a DNA Rearrangement That Specifies Tissue-Specific Expression Through Both Positive and Negative Promoter Elements

Wednesday October 19

Je et al (2016) Signaling from maize organ primordia via FASCIATED EAR3 regulates stem cell proliferation and yield traits

See commentary here

Wednesday October 12

Gray et al (2016) Intensifying drought eliminates the expected benefits of elevated carbon dioxide for soybean

Wednesday October 5

Lovell et al (2016) Exploiting Differential Gene Expression and Epistasis to Discover Candidate Genes for Drought-Associated QTLs in Arabidopsis thaliana


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