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As long there is no solution for using custom fonts in plugins, please copy the fonts folder to mobile-frontend folder

 cp -R /home/pi/pimatic-app/node_modules/pimatic-wunderground/app/fonts/ /home/pi/pimatic-app/node_modules/pimatic-mobile-frontend/public/

The WundergroundDevice provides the following variables

  • currentTemp: the current temperature in °C
  • currentHumidity: the current humidity in %
  • currentWind: the current wind speed in km/h
  • currentWindString: the current wind description
  • currentWindDir: the current wind speed in km/h
  • currentWeather: the current weather description
  • currentGust: the current gust speed in km/h
  • dewPoint: the current dewpoint in °C
  • heatIndex: the current heatindex in °C
  • solarradiation: the current solarradiation
  • uv: the current UV index

The WundergroundHistoryDevice provides the following variables

  • rain: rain in mm
  • temperature: the past temperature in °C
  • humidity: the past humidity in %
  • precip: the hourly past precipitation in mm
  • precip_total: the total past precipitation for the current day in mm
  • solarradiation: the current solarradiation
  • uv: the current UV index


This plugin is in an early alpha stadium and you use it on your own risk. I'm not responsible for any possible damages that occur on your health, hard- or software.