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TrelloMite is a simple .NET library to connect Trello ( to Mite ( by parsing Trello cards & comments for specific time-tracking commands that are used to create new time entries on Mite.

Makes heavy use of and


TrelloMite requires these parameters (run it without any parameters to get the help/usage screen):

TrelloMite.exe --MiteApiKey <Your_Mite_Api_Key> --MiteUri <Your_Mite_URL> --TrelloUsername <Your_Trello_Username> --TrelloAppKey <Your_Trello_App_Key> --TrelloUserToken <Your_Trello_User_Token> --TrelloBoard <Your_Trello_Board>

Optional parameters are (more about those below):

[--MiteDefaultCustomer <Your_Mite_Default_Customer>] [--MiteDefaultProject <Your_Mite_Default_Project>] [--MiteDefaultService <Your_Mite_Default_Service>]	

See your Mite options for a mite API key. See for an Trello API key. Run TrelloMite once without a Trello usertoken and you'll get an error with a specific URL to generate your usertoken.

Trello Syntax

Put any of the following commands into a Trello card comment to log a time of 90 minutes. Every such command needs to be on a line of its own, without any other text:

@time 1,5
@time 1,5h
@time 1.5
@time 1.5h	
@time 90m
@time 1:30

To log time for another date than the comments, use:

@time 02/23/2013 1,5h
@time 23.02.2013 1,5h
@time 2012-02-23 1,5h

You can specify the customer, project and service (as defined in Mite) either in the card description or the comment. TrelloMite tries to find this information in the comment first, then falls back to the card description. Every such command needs to be on a line of its own, without any other text:

@customer My Customer
@project My Secret Project X
@service MyService

Or there's also a more compact syntax for that:

@mite My Customer; My Secret Project X; MyService

Per default, the Trello card title will be used as a note in the Mite time entry. You can override this behaviour by specifying:

@notes This is what I did ...

TrelloMite does not create automatically customers, projects or services on mite, but will create an error message if it can't find any of them. You may specify defaults for these values in the configuration (see above).

Every command found will be marked with [mite ok] in Trello, or [mite failed < error message >].


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