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This repository shows how to implement baseline models for multimodal entailment. One of these models looks like so:

High-resolution version is available here.

These models use the multimodal entailment dataset introduced here. This repository is best followed along with this blog post on Multimodal entailment. The blog post goes over additional details, thought experiments, notes, etc.

A fun fact

The accompanying blog post marks the 100th example on

About the notebooks

  • Multimodal entailment.ipynb: Shows how to train the model shown in above figure.
  • multimodal_entailment_attn.ipynb: Shows how to train a similar model with cross-attention (Luong style).
  • text_entailment.ipynb: Uses only text inputs to train a BERT-based model for the enatailment problem.


Thanks to the ML-GDE program for providing GCP credits.

Thanks to Nilabhra Roy Chowdhury who worked on preparing the image data.