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Example usage.

This repository hosts code for converting the original Vision Transformer models [1] (JAX) to TensorFlow.

The original models were fine-tuned on the ImageNet-1k dataset [2]. For more details on the training protocols, please follow [3]. The authors of [3] open-sourced about 50k different variants of Vision Transformer models in JAX. Using the conversion.ipynb notebook, one should be able to take a model from the pool of models and convert that to TensorFlow and use that with TensorFlow Hub and Keras.

The original model classes and weights [4] were converted using the jax2tf tool [5].

Note that it's a requirement to use TensorFlow 2.6 or greater to use the converted models.

Vision Transformers on TensorFlow Hub

Find the model collection on TensorFlow Hub:

Eight best performing ImageNet-1k models have also been made available on TensorFlow Hub that can be used either for off-the-shelf image classification or transfer learning. Please follow the model-selector.ipynb notebook to understand how these models were chosen.

The table below provides a performance summary:

Model Top-1 Accuracy Checkpoint Misc
B/8 85.948 B_8-i21k-300ep-lr_0.001-aug_medium2-wd_0.1-do_0.0-sd_0.0--imagenet2012-steps_20k-lr_0.01-res_224.npz
L/16 85.716 L_16-i21k-300ep-lr_0.001-aug_medium1-wd_0.1-do_0.1-sd_0.1--imagenet2012-steps_20k-lr_0.01-res_224.npz
B/16 84.018 B_16-i21k-300ep-lr_0.001-aug_medium2-wd_0.03-do_0.0-sd_0.0--imagenet2012-steps_20k-lr_0.03-res_224.npz
R50-L/32 83.784 R50_L_32-i21k-300ep-lr_0.001-aug_medium1-wd_0.1-do_0.1-sd_0.1--imagenet2012-steps_20k-lr_0.01-res_224.npz
R26-S/32 (light aug) 80.944 R26_S_32-i21k-300ep-lr_0.001-aug_light0-wd_0.03-do_0.1-sd_0.1--imagenet2012-steps_20k-lr_0.03-res_224.npz run
R26-S/32 (medium aug) 80.462 R26_S_32-i21k-300ep-lr_0.001-aug_medium2-wd_0.1-do_0.0-sd_0.0--imagenet2012-steps_20k-lr_0.01-res_224.npz
S/16 80.462 S_16-i21k-300ep-lr_0.001-aug_light1-wd_0.03-do_0.0-sd_0.0--imagenet2012-steps_20k-lr_0.03-res_224.npz run
B/32 79.436 B_32-i21k-300ep-lr_0.001-aug_medium1-wd_0.03-do_0.0-sd_0.0--imagenet2012-steps_20k-lr_0.03-res_224.npz

Note that the top-1 accuracy is reported on ImageNet-1k validation set. The checkpoints are present in the following GCS location: gs://vit_models/augreg. More details on these can be found in [4].

Image classifiers

Feature extractors

Other notebooks

  • classification.ipynb: Shows how to load a Vision Transformer model from TensorFlow Hub and run image classification.
  • fine_tune.ipynb: Shows how to fine-tune a Vision Transformer model from TensorFlow Hub on the tf_flowers dataset.

Additionally, i1k_eval contains files for running evaluation on ImageNet-1k validation split.


[1] An Image is Worth 16x16 Words: Transformers for Image Recognition at Scale by Dosovitskiy et al.

[2] ImageNet-1k

[3] How to train your ViT? Data, Augmentation, and Regularization in Vision Transformers by Steiner et al.

[4] Vision Transformer GitHub

[5] jax2tf tool


Thanks to the authors of Vision Transformers for their efforts put into open-sourcing the models.

Thanks to the ML-GDE program for providing GCP Credit support that helped me execute the experiments for this project.


This repository hosts code for converting the original Vision Transformer models (JAX) to TensorFlow.





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