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Life Sprint: Sprint planning for real-life

Life Sprint is a methodology I adopted from sprints in a Scrum process to better prioritize and manage all my short and long term life goals. I use ZenHub integration for this.



  • Open an issue (e.g.) for every goal you want to achieve and put it in the Wishes pipeline.
  • Decide and give each issue an estimation point denoting the effort required.
  • Use proper labels with each issue to help make the decision-making smoother.
  • To represent a long-term goal, mark it as an Epic. Each Epic is a combination of many short-term goals and the total estimate is calculated automatically as the sum of the estimations of all the short-term goals under it.
  • After achieving each goal, put it in the Review pipeline.
  • Each goal with any of the labels learning, coding, trek, anime should be associated with a blog post or a review/rating (depending on the type of goal) before they can be put in the Review pipeline.
  • If you finished all your assigned goals ahead of time and feeling bored already, move any goal of your choice from Wishes to In progress and start working on it.

Every last day of each month

Create a new release (e.g.) with the tag name in yyyy-mm format that will track the progress of that month's goals and achievements. Each release represents a newer (and better) version of you.

  • Open the In Progress pipeline to check unfinished tasks from previous month. Give all the unfinished tasks a new estimation point denoting the remaining effort required and put them back in the Wishes pipeline.
  • Open the Review pipeline and check if each goal is really achieved. If yes, close it and update the issue link as an achievement in the release you created and update the release link in the issue, else update the estimation and put it back in the Wishes pipeline.
  • If the goal under Review is a recurring task, put it back in the To do pipeline instead of closing it.
  • Open the Wishes pipeline, decide the goals you want to target in this Sprint and put them in the To do pipeline.
  • Open the To do pipeline, count the total estimation. If it is more that your capacity, put some goals back to Wishes pipeline. If it is less than your capacity, you may want to target some more Wishes and put them in To do pipeline. It's important to know that your capacity may vary each month and it's up-to you to know the number.
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