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###Logging IRC bot, based on: Twisted IRC Log Bot

####To Run:

Setup bot configuration in config.py

The file has a Config class and three subclasses. You may select any of the subclasses as needed, and update the bot's attributes section of it, plus any other config values you wish to change.

Modify run.py and change 'default' in config = config_modes.get(os.getenv('LOGBOT_CONFIG', 'default'))() to your desired config mode, which should be one of:

  • 'default'
  • 'dev'
  • 'test'
  • 'deploy'

Or define environment variable:

$ export LOGBOT_CONFIG=FOO  # where FOO is one of  the above modes

Install dependencies with:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Now run the bot with:

$ python run.py

You can send the following commands to the bot in a PM:

Command Description Channel Who
.help List all the commands PM/Channel Any user
! Queue yourself to ask a question during a session Channel Any user
!! Remove yourself from question queue during a session Channel Any user
!- Remove yourself from question queue during a session Channel Any user
.givemelogs Give you an fpaste link with the latest log PM Any user
.clearqueue Clear the question queue Channel Admin
.showqueue Show the status of the question queue PM/Channel Admin
.next Ping the next person in the queue to ask their question Channel Admin
.masters Show the list of all the masters (admins) PM Admin
.add [nick] Add nick to masters list PM/Channel Admin
.rm [nick] Remove nick from masters list PM/Channel Admin
.startclass [topic] Start logging a class; Append optional topic to channel topic PM Admin
.endclass Stop logging a class PM Admin
.pingall [message] Ping present channel members with message PM/Channel Admin
.link [resource] Show the URL of requested resource PM/Channel Any user