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JavaScript Open Day Calgary

Speaker Session Title Abstract Theme Link
Keynote: Faruk Ates The Web Is Here To Stay (Maybe) Ever since the rise of mobile devices the Web has been given a limited lifespan. With apps for everything, technologies like Instant Articles, and the challenges publishers face with Content Blockers, it’s crucial for us as web developers to get the basics right. Responsiveness, speed, and accessibility are the foundations of a sustainable Web. Let’s get them right! Modernizr Slides
Sean Goresht It's time for real-time An overview of current techniques to bring an app "real-time": approaches in various server-side environments; using WebSockets; falling back, polyfills, and legacy browser support; polling, and legacy solutions such as CouchDB.  XMPP server, deploying an XMPP server, connecting an XMPP server in various server-side environments, using Strophe on the front-end to consume the XMPP API.  Deploying a CouchDB server, using cloud-hosted CouchDB instances, and writing back-end logic in CouchDB in JavaScript. WebSockets
Olivier Wietrich WebRTC or how to make friends when you are a geek 2015 is when WebRTC broke through. It opens new way to communicate in your browser such as video, audio, data and way more. This talk wants to help you communicate better and hopefully make friends through the power of WebRTC. We will walk through the basics of WebRTC with code and demos, cut through its complexity and reveal what is probably the nicest thing that happened to the web since the web. WebRTC Slides
Eric Kryski Returning to the Native Land Why the "native web" matters, when you should go native, and tools to help you get there. With an intimate show and tell about how Eric has been using Electron + React to build cross platform desktop apps. Electron Slides
Rami Sayar Here Be Dragons - JavaScript Debugging Have you ever cried yourself to sleep unable to find the cause of a horrendous bug in your node app? Cry no more, your tears will be reshaped as blinding swords as we explore uncharted territories laced with mystical creatures. JavaScript debugging is an often avoided topic due to the uncertainty of how best to accomplish it and the lack of powerful introspective tools. This talk will explore new territory and showcase tools that help you debug complex and difficult issues in your node or frontend app. Libraries and tools such as node-debugger, Visual Studio Code, vorlon.js, nGrok will be used to slay dragons. No more shall you fear building complex apps with JavaScript! Debugging JS Slides
Stephanie Hobson Web Accessibility: Making Websites Better For Everyone Not everyone uses a keyboard, a monitor, and a mouse to access your sites on desktops. Not everyone uses a finger to interact with your sites on touch screens. When you consider these users while building your sites, the sites you build are easier for everyone to use. From attaching your events to the right elements and keeping your users in control, to including ARIA roles and following progressive enhancement - we'll look at a few things you can start and stop doing with JavaScript to make your sites better for everyone. Accessibility Slides and links
Keynote: Grant Skinner CreateJS: Building A Richer Web The open source CreateJS libraries and tools make it easy to create compelling interactive content integrating smart loading, sound, high speed graphics, and animation. Now on their fifth year and ninth major release, the libraries receive over ten billion impressions per month, and are used by agencies, major brands, and start ups to bring new life to their web standards based projects. This talk will delve into the libraries, revealing advanced features, and exploring how they can be used individually or together to create games, ads, data visualizations, rich experiences, and robots. Creative JS