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Hey guys I first developed SlowCheetah around VS2010 SP2 with the idea that I could at some point transition this to the appropriate team(s) at Microsoft. Unfortunately I haven't been able to do that, and the existence of this extension has actually worked against that goal.

I'm really happy that SlowCheetah has gotten the attention and success that it has, but now it's time for me to move on.

No support for SlowCheetah in VS "14"

I am not planning to update SlowCheetah for Visual Studio "14". If you would like to see support for transforms in VS "14" I suggest you vote, _and comment_, on the uesrvoice item at

No new features

I will not be adding any features to SlowCheetah myself. If anyone want's to add any features I will try and help guide anyone who is interested.

No fixes for regressions

If there are any scenarios that work in VS2013 RTM that do not work in future version of Visual Studio then I will not be fixing them.

I hope you all understand my situation here. I have spent countless hours working on SlowCheetah and there is very little ROI for me so, I need to move on to focus on other OSS projects that I'm involved in.

Thanks for all the love. I still love SlowCheetah too and I'm sad to see there won't be support for transform in VS "14"

LockTar commented Aug 11, 2014

Hi Sayed, Thank you for creating this great extension. I use it for a couple of years now and it still works great!


Will you transfer this repo to someone interested?


@LockTar thanks for the note.

@luisrudge sure after a series of accepted PRs. If anyone is interested in running with this then we should work on the following before adding features.

  • Get CI build to work (prolly just needs to check in assembly references)
  • Add e2e functional test cases

I'm willing to help out as much as I can, but cannot contribute heavily.


Thanks for this great extension, I hope it gets picked up by the vs team or someone from the community so we can continue to use SlowCheetah in the future.


That's a sad news, especially because such an extension should have been incorporated by default in Visual Studio long time ago.. :( I should try to convince somebody at Microsoft to take over this project.


@FriskyDev I deleted all comments. Please email me so that we can chat


Does this apply to XDT altogether or just the VS extension? Before slow cheetah came along, I had some luck doing xdt transforms via msbuild. Still struggling to understand the role msbuild plays in the vNext world, particularly with k and project.json.


XDT is owned by Microsoft and not impacted by this.

I own the web project system for ASP.NET (including vNext) so you can be sure I will take of this. For vNext I'm not sure how yet, but it is on my radar and will not fall off.



Thx for all the good support the past years. You have done excellent work.


Thanks Sayed, it's a great extension. Does it's job very well.


I really hope MS can add this to the next version of studio. I have been using your extension for years and really appreciate the effort you have put into it. Sorry to see it go!


@sayedihashimi I'm interested in helping keep this project going. Can you help me to understand where to get started on the CI build issues and the test suite?


Thank you so very much. You have saved me so much time and kept me from deploying the wrong config so many times I can't tell you.


I just want to say that this extension is a necessity for everyone, who does anything with continuous integration. Thank you for it!

Toons33 commented Sep 16, 2014

Hi Sayed,

Thanks for creating this feature and spending so much time improving it over the years. It's been a great help to us. We're really hoping the next Visual Studio will have an equivalent, or -even better- feature SlowCheetah built-in.

Thanks again for all the great work!


Thank you for this great extension. It works really good.


Great extension, I use it in every new project I spin up. As others have said, it's something that Studio should do out of the box and with it in such good shape from your efforts MS has no reason not to pick it up now, right? MS, we're looking at you!

peterrus commented Oct 9, 2014

We are indeed!

jafin commented Oct 14, 2014

Thanks for your contribution, voted for inclusion in vs2014


Thank you for the great add in. It's been a treasure to work with. My vote for inclusion with VS2014+.


Vote of confidence here too. I've found app config transforms to be extremely useful. Thanks for the time you have put in here. Truly appreciated

jupaol commented Oct 27, 2014

Srry to hear that, This project has saved me several times


I would suggest sending out a tweet asking whether anyone would like to adopt the project.

adminnz commented Oct 28, 2014

You need to release an updated version of the nuget package so that it does not open up the website each time you install the Slowcheetah package.


@adminnz that's by design.


I just did a solution-level NuGet package update on SlowCheetah and 9 new tabs opened up with this page. Awesome!


That IS awesome! ...

stooboo commented Nov 3, 2014

Hi Sayed, many thanks for all your hard work


What am I supposed to use now on VS 2014?

bjovas commented Nov 12, 2014

This is a great project, and this functionality really should be included in Visual Studio proper


So how to do configuration on build in VS2014? Any alternatives to Slow Cheetah?


Hi Sayed, Thank you for creating this great extension. It's a great stuff by you. Visual Studio should include this extension as permanent.


Yet another thumbs up and a big thank you for this helpful extension. Much appreciated! Let's vote and hope they build this into VS2014.


I just want to say, this is a great project. This should really be built into Visual Studio.


Thanks Sayed for this great tool that has been indispensable in several projects.

Last week, Microsoft released some more news on SlowCheetah's future in the UserVoice thread that is referenced above.

While we will not be implementing this functionality in Visual Studio 2015 itself, we do plan to update the SlowCheetah extension to fully support Visual Studio 2015. Our long term plan, however, is to integrate this functionality into a future version of Visual Studio.


Great news. Exactly what we all wanted. They listened to the community, everybody wins.


Slow Cheetah lives on!


Wow it lives!

Great news! Microsoft listened, some achievement Sayed.

I also want to add that I have been using it for years, I actually can't imagine not having this feature in VS. Cheers.


@sayedihashimi We love SlowCheetah but I just can't believe that it hasn't made it into the normal build templates.


@davidjdriver yes, I'm waiting for that day too.


Thanks for all the positive comments here, I really appreciate it.


Congratulations for your work in Slow Cheetah. It has helped me a lot through these years. Fortunately the VS team says it plans to support it for VS 2015.

Thank's Sayed!


Hello, some news here? Will it be supported in the next version?

mleyb commented Jul 16, 2015

Some of the best news I've heard in weeks! So glad this is making it into VS2015 and eventually into the IDE itself - we have many projects that rely on it


Hey everyone.

We have a preview release of SlowCheetah up on the VS Gallery with support for Visual Studio 2015. If anyone is interested in trying it out, you can download it here, or just search "SlowCheetah" in Tools->Extensions & Updates. The preview only supports Visual Studio 2015, but we expect to support more versions soon.

Please let me know if you run into any issues with it and I will try to fix them as soon as possible.


That's great! Thank you. VS2013 would be great, maybe 2012; unless there are other takers. ๐Ÿ‘


@WillBuik it's been afwully quiet since the release of the preview version, 9 months ago. Any update?

kpa6uk commented Aug 23, 2016

@WillBuik it's already 13 months passed since the release of the preview version. Any update?

jviau commented Feb 10, 2017

v2.5.48 of SlowCheetah has been released. This release supports VS 2012-2017. We also plan to look into more issues, so continue to open issues on this repo as needed.

Visual Studio Extension
Nuget Package

@jviau jviau closed this Feb 10, 2017

This is great! ๐Ÿ‘

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