XML Transforms for web projects not working after Azure SDK #19

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I am encountering the same problem as this one on Stack Overflow:

Essentially, after installing the Azure SDK and trying to Web Publish, configs other than web.config are not being transformed.


I have experienced this issue as well. It does seem like it's being worked on -- thanks!


Sorry for the delay here, I am looking into this bug.


This should be resolved by commit c6e4a4c.
I have an updated download available at https://dl.dropbox.com/u/40134810/SlowCheetah-c6e4a4c.zip I'd appreciate it if you could verify the fix. For now I will close this item but please re-open if it you are still seeing an issue after installing that update.

I will update the public release probably in a week or so. I have a few more bugs which need to be fixed.

if you'd like to try it out.


Hey -- no worries. You don't have to do this project, and we all appreciate the fact that you do greatly. (Seems like it should be in the base product IMHO!!)

In any case, I tested the new build and while I initially thought it worked, it has the same issue as best I can tell. I have my app.config file set to Content/Copy if newer, and all the transforms set to None/Do not copy. Is that correct?


I didn't realize you were talking about app.config here (you specifically mentioned web.config in your issue description). This fix is for web.config. If you are looking for app.config support that is a feature that I'm working on. There is a build available at #5.


I downloaded and installed the extension at the above link but my app.config is not being transformed. This is a project with output type of class library. I do have Azure SDK 1.7.1 installed. I have an app.Config and app.CLoud.config, app.Debug.config, and app.Release.config. The preview of the app.Debug.config transformation works fine and shows the correct transformation. The output app.config is always the base file before the transformations. I am also compiling in a x64 environment so the output folder compiles to bin\x64\Debug. Do you have any idea what may be wrong here?


John Grant


Hi John, this issue is tracking scenarios where installing the Azure SDK broke XML files (other than web.config) transforming in web project during package/publish. This issue does not relate to the support for Azure Worker Roles. I'm still working on that feature and tracking it at #5. Since the latest Azure SDK just came out I'm going to work on it based on that version. Lets keep the convo going there.

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