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In a NutSHell

StudioLive is an HTML5 web client for the CasparCG professional graphics Server. CasparCG is a professional graphics overlay and video playout server.

StudioLive uses AngularJS for the front end and PHP with MongoDB on the backend. Its an open source project, pull requests are welcome.


  • Live preview of a configurable number of channels.
  • Multiple users can use the client from any web browser.
  • Define sets of Actions to be executed together (per show).
  • Screen Shot feature for capturing thumbnails to represent shows and scenes graphically.
  • Conflates the data used by Flash Templates per show, making it easy to update data for multiple templates from a single UI.
  • Easy to use 'Show Time' page to operate during a live event or studio recording.
  • Define any number of scenes per show.

What's New as of 1.0

  • Everything.

See the Change Log for more details.

Known Issues

  • The preview panes use the VLC mozilla plugin. This is known not to work on Chrome browsers. Therefore this feature is Firefox only. If anyone knows a better method of displaying a udp video stream do let me know via an issue.

Installation Notes

The latest Windows version is available here.

Minimum Requirements: Windows 7 64 bit. Home Premium is known to work well.

Windows Quick Start


For now the configuration is not built in to the application. You have to edit www_root/Config.php using a text editor. You will most likely want to set CASPAR_HOST to the hostname of your Caspar server. If running on the same machine as the server you can leave this set to 'localhost'.


The Windows Installer should 'just work' out of the box. It starts a web server on localhost:8080 and starts the MondoDB database server. Browse to http://localhost:8080 and you should be good to go.

However, the install is really designed for those that want to get up and running quickly on a single user system. To use StudioLive multi-user over a network you should make the following changes:

  • In Config.php set USE_BOOT false
  • Install mongod.exe as a service. mongod --help will get you started.

The StudioLive system does not need to run on the same server as CasparCG. In fact it is probably preferable that it does not.


The StudioLive system is developed and tested on a Debian Wheezy system. There is no pre-built package available so for now you would have to download from the github repository and setup Apache and MongoDB yourself.


StudioLive has a stable release 1.0.

Future development plans are discussed on the Caspar Forum.

How to Help

  • Report issues you find in our GitHub Issue Tracker. Please report with as much detail as you can. Simply saying "It doesn't work" will gain you sympathy, but not a lot else.
  • Join the discussion on the CasparCG Forum. Your thoughts and ideas are welcome.
  • Want do contribute code? Go right ahead, fork the project on GitHub, pull requests are welcome.