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Terraform provider for Buildkite (work in progress)
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Terraform provider for buildkite

This allows you to manage buildkite pipelines with Terraform.



go get
go install

Which gives you a terraform-provider-buildkite in $GOPATH/bin.

Add the provider to the plugin search path in your home directory (or, in CI, the home directory of whatever user runs terraform). You'll need to make sure the program conforms to the plugin naming convention noted in the Terraform documentation linked above. (eg: terraform-provider-buildkite_vX.Y.Z)


provider "buildkite" {
  # Get an API token from
  # Needs: read_pipelines, write_pipelines
  # Instead of embedding the API token in the .tf file,
  # it can also be passed via env variable BUILDKITE_API_TOKEN
  api_token    = "YOUR_API_TOKEN"
  # This is the part behind, e.g.
  # Instead of embedding the org slug in the .tf file,
  # it can also be passed via env variable BUILDKITE_ORGANIZATION
  organization = "YOUR_ORG_SLUG"

resource "buildkite_pipeline" "terraform_test" {
  name       = "terraform-test"
  repository = ""

  step = [
      type    = "script"
      name    = ":llama: Tests"
      command = "echo Hello world!"

Importing existing pipelines

You can import existing pipeline definitions by their slug:

terraform import buildkite_pipeline.my_name my-pipeline-slug

Local development of this provider

To do local development you will most likely be working in a Github fork of the repository. After creating your fork you can add it as a remote on your local repository in GOPATH:

  • cd $GOPATH/src/
  • git remote add mine
  • git checkout -b yourbranch
  • git push -u mine yourbranch

After this you should be able to git push to your fork, and eventually open a PR if you like.

You can build like this:

  • go install

This should produce a file at $GOPATH/bin/terraform-provider-buildkite. To use this with Terraform you'll need to move that binary to the third-party plugins direcory to help Terraform find this file.

You can see debug output via TF_LOG=DEBUG terraform plan

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