Summer 2016: Geo-spatial plugin for SAP HANA: A data-provider module in GeoTools. With this pulign installed, HANA now supports open source tools like GeoServer which can be used to publish, share, process and edit geo-spatial data.
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Compiling the HANA plugin source code:

Clone the repository and add all the jars from the folder lib in the Required Files Directory to your Build Path.

Installing GeoServer with HANA plugin on Linux:

  1. Copy the folder geoserver-2.9-SNAPSHOT from Required Files Directory into your desired directory.
  2. Add an environment variable to save the location of GeoServer by typing the following command:
    echo "export GEOSERVER_HOME=path/geoserver-2.9-SNAPSHOT" >> ~/.profile
    . ~/.profile . ~/.profile
  3. Make yourself the owner of the geoserver folder:
    sudo chown -R <user_name> path/geoserver-2.9-SNAPSHOT/
  4. Copy ngdbc.jar and gt-jdbc-hana-15-SNAPSHOT.jar from Required Files Directory to path/geoserver-2.9-SNAPSHOT/webapps/geoserver/WEB-INF/lib/
  5. Start GeoServer by changing into the directory path/geoserver-2.9-SNAPSHOT/bin and executing the startup script.


  1. Blog- GeoServer with SAP HANA.docx
  2. Guide- GeoServer with SAP HANA.docx
  3. Poster Presentation- GeoServer with Hana - Sayon Kumar Saha.pdf
  4. Test Case Records.docx

Required Files Directory: