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Before the notes on big changes, here's some of the minor stuff:

  • Electric Fluffalos now hatch
  • creature Hatch times reduced quite a bit. Incubator is still vastly more efficient
  • Garden(Lush) biomes have increased chances of ore near the surface. Bone increased 15%, iron and copper by 10%
  • added upgrades for Bear and Wolf armors to the Nanofabricator
  • changed bear and wolf armor tiers and recipes slightly to reflect these additions
  • added Gauss Machinegun
  • Gauss Rifle function has been adjusted
  • all gauss guns now use the same base projectile
  • gauss rifle and gauss machinegun now have glowy bits
  • tinkered with staves and wands
  • cultist robes moved to elder altar
  • codexes added for new altar recipes
  • asterosaber DX now has a proper critChance modifier instead of critBonus listed twice
  • you can now select FU biomes from the Terraforge
  • moved Obsidian Shard unlock to the most logical place for it. I have no idea why the hell it was on ironore
  • new look for the Energy Assault Rifle
  • added more early-game progression related quests, more oriented towards newer players
  • animals hatched in your Incubator should now properly persist
  • added new Flesh decoration set
  • added a new vending machine to the Science Outpost
  • removed : powerpress, samplingarray, old xenostationadv
  • all FU crafting stations relocated to objects/crafting rather than objects/generic
  • Basic Miner has a new, lower-tech look and a changed recipe so you are spared an early-game Manipulator Module. The later tiers still require one.
  • all Mining Lasers now have impact effects that make them feel a bit more...mine-y ?

Armor/ Armor Set Changes:

  • Hoplite armor has a full set bonus and some slight adjustments to its operation (but retains all the same buffs)
  • Light Priest armor set now uses a set bonus.
  • Light Priest armor got a buff to its protection
  • Phase armor got the Armor Set treatment
  • added Durasteel, Iron, Titanium and Tungsten shields
  • fixed a slight lack of info in the Oonforta quest dialog, which failed to tell you where to build it
  • heavily reorganized the objects and recipes directories for my teams sanity
  • new look for flowers
  • flower growth rate reduced

and now onto the BIG things:

please note that there are likely to be missed recipes, broken unlocks and other inconsistencies in the progression that I've missed. Please point them out whenever you find them and this will all be refined soon.

Crafting Stations:

  • added Wooden Sifter
  • changed itemID of bees_woodencentrifuge, bees_ironcentrifuge and bees_industrialcentrifuge to remove the bees_ part. As such , your existing versions will turn into PGIs. Sorry, but this is a cleaning-house thing that had to be done
  • the Fission Furnace is now an upgrade from the Atomic Furnace, rather than a standalone station. This also means it is much smaller. Your current one will not vanish. You will, however, be unable to produce them anymore in the old style. Additionally, the ores previously all found only at the Fission have been spread through the vanilla furnace tiers a bit more to suit progression.
  • VANILLA PROGRESSION ADDITION: the Medical table has a 3rd upgrade now. see the next point about why:
  • All medical supplies relocated from the Chemlab to the vanilla Medical Table and the new FU Health Center upgrade to that station
  • added Medieval Workstation, a huge combo-station for early game use. It's been around a long time...I just kept forgetting to add the damned thing. It doesn't do anything too special just yet, and may never do so. But it looks nice :)
  • Well now caps at 600 water
  • added liquid pump , which is unlocked by the Well. This, in turn, unlocks the Liquid Condenser (that then unlocks the Atmospheric Condenser). Caps at 1200 water
  • ALL Centrifuges now use the same system. You won't notice too much change on your end on their function. There are some specific changes to be mindful of, however:
    • Wooden Centrifuge can now process Water and Milk. It has gained input and output nodes.
    • Iron Centrifuge can now process liquids. It has gained input and output nodes. It now requires 2 power.
    • Industrial Centrifuge can now process Liquids and Milk. . It has gained input and output nodes. It also requires 8 power now
    • Lab Centrifuge cannot process Milk, but can process Liquids. It now uses 5 Power
    • Advanced Centrifuge renamed to Gas Centrifuge. Power cost increased to 10.
  • the Sprouting Table is effectively now the Tier 1 version of the Xeno Station. It felt a shame that this station had one purpose , for one single item only. Now it is where it probably should have been from the start! This should allow you to more easily deal with genes early on. It also still serves its original purpose from Starbooze. One thing to note is that it is a very slow alternative, so you'll want to upgrade to the Xeno as soon as possible. The Sprouting Table produces only one result per 60 seconds.
    The station itself does not upgrade from the UI, but instead uses the Xeno you are familiar with.
  • early Xeno Lab quest re-branded to be about the Sprouting Table
  • Powder Sifter power use increased to 6u.
  • Atmosphere Regulator power cost is now 120u.
  • new Tier 1 power generator. You'll still need to unlock the Wire tool to actually use it, but it will be available as soon as you nab some Coil. It maxes at 4u, and uses coal or water as fuel (including water buckets from wells). You can craft it at the matter assembler stations
  • the Nanofabricator is now a tiered station. Tier 1 is the Tinker Table, tier 2 is the Engineering Table and tier 3 is the Nanofabricator. Your old nano will probably be messed up (and look different)
  • The Hydroponics Tray is now a second-tier version of the new Growing Tray station. The Growing Tray takes no power, but has a much lower growth time than the Hydrotray. You can still use fertilizers and varied liquids to increase growth time (though its max growth time is also lower than its higher-tier self). Note that it is built as a standalone, not an upgrade.
  • the Armory now branches into 3 stations via the UPGRADE button : the Armorworks, the Assembly line and the Armory. Recipes are now split between the tiers.
  • The BioChem lab has now been split into tiered progression. You get the Alchemy Table after you build an Anvil. Then you upgrade that to the Chemistry Lab. And then that upgrades into the BioChem Lab. recipes are dashed about within.
  • old vanilla Wiring Station sprite replaced with one that isn't a hideous abomination.
  • entirely moved all Mining gear to the Nanofabricator stations. It gives it a bit more utility early on.
  • moved around Clothing Fabricator recipes among the vanilla sewing stations as well as the Clothing Fab, which is now the 3rd tier upgrade for those stations.
  • the Gene Design Lab now starts as a simple Greenhouse. Then upgrades to a Botany Lab before finally becoming the Gene Design Lab. Each tier offers different plants, and the first tier now offers vanilla plants to craft.
  • shuffled around some wire node locations on stations (most notably centrifuges)
  • added a craftable "Mechanic's Wrench". This will allow you to Wire before you unlock Wiring in your MM. The MM is still the superior option due to not taking a slot, so I have no issue with this from a balance perspective.

Item Transfer System: FU now incorporates its own version of Steambound, which will be graphically adjusted as soon as possible. You can craft most of the stuff at the Machining Table. Note that you do not need pipes to make them work. They use wiring only. Make sure your Storage Bridge items are closer to containers than your Routers are...and all should be good to go. It'll take fiddling till you figure it out, but one you do...its hella powerful.

  • Pump (sucks up liquid)

  • Quarry (mines for you)

  • Router (acts as a centerpoint for a network, use many for uber powerful item sorting!)

  • Storage Bridge (put near containers you wish to add to your network)

  • Terminal (displays all items in network)

    You can use this new system to transfer items from stations directly to inventory. That includes atmospheric condensers and other such stations! Have fun with these!

new to the team: Kherae and TimothyWiggins127: Code and Art, respectively. Welcome. Their contributions are all over the place here!