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@sayterdarkwynd sayterdarkwynd released this May 20, 2019 · 433 commits to master since this release

  • Masters (Adv Alloy) weapons re-tiered to where they were intended to be. They were erroneously tier 5

  • fixed tiering on several other weapons

  • Madness accrued from the Insanity effect per cycle increased from 1d4 to 1d6

  • increased madness gained from the various madness treasure pools

  • added a dedicated 'madness' effect icon to make it more clear when you are affected by madness

  • Greg.

  • Reworked the Network Guide (Terminal/Recumen)

  • Moons should have a more robust selection of ores to reduce grind and increase the value of moon visits

  • Proto-Rifle damage reduced, and its impact explosion damage has been nerfed. It was vastly over-performing.

  • Nomad Rifle and Nomad Combat Rifle are both more expensive to build

  • Nomad Rifle and Nomad Combat Rifle had been moved from tier 4 to tier 3 where they were intended to be

  • Nomad Rifle ahas had its damage reduced from 8 to 7.

  • Nomad Combat Rifle has had its alt-fire changed

  • Increased energy-per-shot cost of Scorchburst, and reduced its damage output by 0.8.

  • Swashbuckler armor should now properly function

  • added Dense Alloy furniture set (Shinigami Apples)

  • added Penumbrite furniture set (Shinigami Apples)

  • Manipulator Modules, Tech Cards and Upgrade Modules are more expensive to produce, which should make them a more valuable commodity.

  • harpoons should properly move in water

  • liquid collectors, atmospheric condensers, and entropic converters are now subject to the same proximity based penalty mechanic as wells. collectors have a 9 tile range, while the other 2 have 30 tile range. also changed the latter 2 to use a different script update mechanic. (Kherae)

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