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This is a fork of KeePassHttp plugin adjusted to support Wine on macOS and Linux. If you have any questions, please contact me:


You can download KeePass 2.34 for macOS already bundled with KeePassHttpX from here: part 1, part 2.

Manual installation is not so hard and takes 15-30 minutes. You can find all necessary steps down below.

Please let me know if you're facing some troubles with installation.

KeePass (macOS)

  1. Download latest KeePass 2.x for Windows from the official website.
  2. Download latest Wineskin from here.
  3. Create a new wrapper with Wine engine 1.7.52 (I tested this version but newer ones may work as well). Say No for Gecko and Mono installation in Wineskin wizzard.
  4. Open created wrapper settings and go to Screen Options. Mark Use Mac Driver instead of X11. Click Done.
  5. Next go to Tools tab and click on Winetricks. Install msxml3 and dotnet40 tricks. Close this window.
  6. Click on Install Software and install KeePass.
  7. Done! Now you have properly installed KeePass on Wine that runs nice and smoothly with no crappy Mono emulation and X11.

KeePassHttpX (macOS)

  1. Download KeePassHttpX.
  2. Open KeePass wrapper contents in Finder and go to drive_c/Program Files/KeePass Password Safe 2/Plugins.
  3. Copy KeePassHttpX.plgx to Plugins directory.
  4. Run KeePass.
  5. Wine has some issues with tray icons and popup notifications so we need to disable questions on access to the new db entries via KeePassHttp. Go to Tools -> KeePassHttp Options and set Always allow access to entries on Advanced tab.


Fork of KeePassHttp plugin adjusted to support Wine on macOS and Linux




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