Integration Testing your HTTP API with Cucumber
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Integration Testing your HTTP API with Cucumber

Build Status

This repository is an example application for demonstrating Cucumber testing of an HTTP API. The tag "application-to-test" shows the application with no tests at all, and all commits after this tag show adding Cucumber tests to the system.


The application in question has the following endpoints:

  • Getting an Insecure resource - GET /api/insecure
  • Getting a Secure resource, which needs an access token to retrieve - GET /api/secure
  • Getting an Access Token by authenticating - GET /api/auth
  • Getting a List of resources - GET /api/list
  • Modifying a resource - POST /api/insecure
  • Resetting the system to a known state - POST /api/reset


The application itself lives in src/server. This can be run manually by executing node src/server/index.js.

The tests all live in src/acceptance. These can be executed by running grunt acceptance, which will:

  • Start the server
  • Run the tests against the server
  • Shut everything down