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meta-swupdate, Yocto layer for deploy tool

This layer's purpose is to add support for a deployment
mechanism of Yocto's images based on swupdate project.

Layer dependencies

This layer depends on:

URI: git://
subdirectory: meta-oe

BitBake variable expansion

To insert the values of BitBake variables into the update file, pre- and postfix
the names with "@@". For example, to automatically set the version tag, use the
line `version = "@@DISTRO_VERSION@@";` in your sw-description file.

Image hashing

During creation of the update file, occurrences of @IMAGE (where IMAGE is an
image filename) are replaced with the sha256 hash of the image.

SWU image signing

There are 3 signing mechanisms supported by meta-swupdate at the moment:

1. RSA signing:

  * Set variable: `SWUPDATE_SIGNING = "RSA"`

  * Set `SWUPDATE_PRIVATE_KEY` to the full path of private key file

2. CMS signing:

  * Set variable: `SWUPDATE_SIGNING = "CMS"`

  * Set `SWUPDATE_CMS_CERT` to the full path of certificate file

  * Set `SWUPDATE_CMS_KEY ` to the full path of private key file

3. Custom signing tool:

  * Set variable: `SWUPDATE_SIGNING = "CUSTOM"`

  * Set variable `SWUPDATE_SIGN_TOOL' to custom string that needs to be
    executed in order to perform the signing

sw-description is signed and the signature is written to sw-description.sig
which is included in the SWU file.

Encrypted private keys are not currently supported since a secure
mechanism must exist to provide the passphrase.


Stefano Babic <>

Submitting patches

You can submit your patches (or post questions reagarding
this layer to the swupdate Mailing List:

When creating patches, please use something like:

    git format-patch -s --subject-prefix='meta-swupdate][PATCH' <revision range>

Please use 'git send-email' to send the generated patches to the ML
to bypass changes from your mailer.


Yocto receipes to generate a swupdate rootfilesystem as initrd




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