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A tool for deploy openstack on Grid'5000 (Tutorial available here or here)



Grid'5000 a scientific instrument designed to support experiment-driven research in all areas of computer science related to parallel, large-scale or distributed computing and networking.


OpenStack OpenStack is a cloud operating system that controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter, all managed through a dashboard that gives administrators control while empowering their users to provision resources through a web interface.


Puppetlabs Puppet Open Source is a flexible, customizable framework available under the Apache 2.0 license designed to help system administrators automate the many repetitive tasks they regularly perform. As a declarative, model-based approach to IT automation, it lets you define the desired state – or the “what” – of your infrastructure using the Puppet configuration language. Once these configurations are deployed, Puppet automatically installs the necessary packages and starts the related services, and then regularly enforces the desired state. In automating the mundane, Puppet frees you to work on more challenging projects with higher business impact.


  • Reserve nodes using OAR

    oarsub -t deploy -l {"type='kavlan'"}/vlan=1+/nodes=3,walltime=03:00:00 -r "2013-07-10 09:00:00" -n "openstack"
  • When reservation is running, connect using your job id, and launch deployment

    oarsub -C <jobid>
  1. If you want to use cinder volumes (like amazon EBS, block storage)

    tar xvzf openstack-tuto-kadeploy-custom.tgz
    kadeploy3 -f $OAR_NODEFILE -e ubuntu-x64-1204-parted --vlan `kavlan -V` -k --set-custom-operations ./customparted.yml
  2. Otherwise

    kadeploy3 -f $OAR_NODEFILE -e ubuntu-x64-1204 -k --vlan `kavlan -V`
  • Generate kavlan nodes file

    kavlan -l > ~/kavlan_nodes
  • Download lastest openstack-campaign from git and fetch puppet modules (from puppet forge)

    https_proxy=http://proxy:3128 git clone
    cd openstack-campaign
    gem install --no-ri --no-rdoc puppet -v 2.7.14 --user-install
    http_proxy=http://proxy:3128 $HOME/.gem/ruby/1.8/bin/puppet module install puppetlabs/openstack --version 2.1.0 --modulepath $(pwd)/modules
    http_proxy=http://proxy:3128 $HOME/.gem/ruby/1.8/bin/puppet module upgrade puppetlabs/apache --version 0.6.0 --modulepath $(pwd)/modules
    » http_proxy=http://proxy:3128 puppet module install puppetlabs/openstack --version 2.1.0 --modulepath $(pwd)/modules
    Preparing to install into /home/sbadia/openstack-campaign/modules ...
    Downloading from ...
    Installing -- do not interrupt ...
    └─┬ puppetlabs-openstack (v2.1.0)
      ├─┬ puppetlabs-cinder (v2.1.0)
      │ ├── dprince-qpid (v1.0.2)
      │ ├── puppetlabs-inifile (v1.0.0)
      │ ├── puppetlabs-mysql (v0.9.0)
      │ ├─┬ puppetlabs-rabbitmq (v2.1.0)
      │ │ └── puppetlabs-apt (v1.2.0)
      │ └── puppetlabs-stdlib (v4.1.0)
      ├── puppetlabs-glance (v2.1.0)
      ├─┬ puppetlabs-horizon (v2.1.0)
      │ ├─┬ puppetlabs-apache (v0.9.0)
      │ │ └── puppetlabs-concat (v1.0.0)
      │ └── saz-memcached (v2.1.0)
      ├── puppetlabs-keystone (v2.1.0)
      ├─┬ puppetlabs-nova (v2.1.0)
      │ └── duritong-sysctl (v0.0.1)
      ├─┬ puppetlabs-quantum (v2.1.1)
      │ └── puppetlabs-vswitch (v0.1.1)
      └─┬ puppetlabs-swift (v2.1.0)
        ├── puppetlabs-rsync (v0.1.0)
        ├── puppetlabs-xinetd (v1.2.0)
        ├── ripienaar-concat (v0.2.0)
        └── saz-ssh (v1.2.0)
    » http_proxy=http://proxy:3128 $HOME/.gem/ruby/1.8/bin/puppet module upgrade puppetlabs/apache --version 0.6.0 --modulepath $(pwd)/modules
    Downloading from ...
    Upgrading -- do not interrupt ...
    └─┬ puppetlabs-apache (v0.9.0 -> v0.6.0)
      └── puppetlabs-firewall (v0.4.1)
  • Launch xp

  1. If you want to use cinder volumes (like amazon EBS, block storage) you must have deployed the parted image !

    ruby bin/openstackg5k -m educ -i ~/kavlan_nodes
  2. Otherwise

    ruby bin/openstackg5k -m educ -v -i ~/kavlan_nodes
  • Enjoy :-)

    root@talc-11-kavlan-4:~# nova-manage service list
    Binary           Host                                 Zone             Status     State Updated_At
    nova-consoleauth   internal         enabled    :-)   2013-07-10 19:18:32
    nova-scheduler   internal         enabled    :-)   2013-07-10 19:18:32
    nova-conductor   internal         enabled    :-)   2013-07-10 19:18:32
    nova-network   internal         enabled    :-)   2013-07-10 19:18:36
    nova-cert   internal         enabled    :-)   2013-07-10 19:18:32
    nova-compute   nova             enabled    :-)   2013-07-10 19:18:35
    nova-compute   nova             enabled    :-)   2013-07-10 19:18:29
    nova-compute   nova             enabled    :-)   2013-07-10 19:18:27
    nova-compute   nova             enabled    :-)   2013-07-10 19:18:32
    nova-compute   nova             enabled    :-)   2013-07-10 19:18:27


  • Sebastien Badia (mail/xmpp : seb AT sebian DOT fr )


  • Q: I have this error

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  • A: Don't panic, just drop your cookies for localhost:8888

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