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"""Use Google translate web service"""
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import json, urllib
import scriptcontext
# Api key that I (Steve Baer) got from Google
# You might want to generate your own key, but I don't care
# if you continue to use this one.
KEY = "AIzaSyAZGoS-GjZGaSHZMZdoczfdUtWTjm_D-p4"
def translate(text, source="en", target="fr"):
"""Translate text from one language to another. Returns the
translated text on success or None on failure
# see if we already have a cached answer
cache_dict_name = "translate " + source + ":" + target
if scriptcontext.sticky.has_key(cache_dict_name):
cache = scriptcontext.sticky[cache_dict_name]
if cache.has_key(text): return cache[text]
url = ""
url += "?key=" + KEY
url += "&q="+urllib.quote(text.encode('utf-8'))
url += "&source="+source
url += "&target="+target
f = urllib.urlopen(url)
s ='UTF-8')
# it seems that the google translate api return html encoded strings
htmlcodes = ('&', '&amp;'),('<', '&lt;'),('>', '&gt;'),('"', '&quot;'),("'", '&#39;')
for c, code in htmlcodes: s = s.replace(code, c)
rc = json.loads(s)
if rc.has_key("data"):
translated = rc["data"]["translations"][0]["translatedText"]
if not scriptcontext.sticky.has_key(cache_dict_name):
scriptcontext.sticky[cache_dict_name] = {}
scriptcontext.sticky[cache_dict_name][text] = translated
return translated
# use __name__ test to determine if this script is directly being
# executed or if it is being loaded as a library
if( __name__=="__main__" ):
if rs.ContextIsGrasshopper():
# if this script is running in grasshopper, translate the input
# variable and set the output variables
spanish = translate(english, "en", "es")
german = translate(english, "en", "de")
french = translate(english, "en", "fr")
italian = translate(english, "en", "it")
japanese = translate(english, "en", "ja")
elif rs.ContextIsRhino():
# get text dots and translate their contents
dots = rs.GetObjects("Select dots to translate", rs.filter.textdot)
if dots:
langs = { "English":"en",
source_lang = rs.GetString("source", "English", langs.keys())
source_lang = langs[source_lang]
target_lang = rs.GetString("target", "Spanish", langs.keys())
target_lang = langs[target_lang]
for dot in dots:
s = rs.TextDotText(dot)
s = translate(s, source_lang, target_lang)
rs.TextDotText(dot, s)
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