Dijkstra's Shortest Path Algorithm in Scala
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1. Introduction

This library implements Dijkstra's Shortest Path Algorithm in Scala.

2. Requirements and dependencies

The project is built using Scala 2.9.0-1.
The build environment requires SBT 0.7.7
Unit and Acceptance tests require Specs2 

3. Usage

Clone the project
Run sbt in the project directory
If necessary, run update to get specs2 dependencies
Do "run" to solve examples and print results to console
Do "test" to run unit and acceptance tests

4. Implementation

The main algorithm can be found in DSPA.run. This method receives a set of
data consisting of a list of tuples of format (NodeNameA, NodeNameB, Weight)
and the name of the start node. An optional parameter indicates if the code
should consider the graph directed or undirected. Default is undirected.
Note: the weight of an edge isa positive integer number, with Integer.MAX_VALUE
being considered "infinity"

The output is a map of NodeName -> (Distance, List(NodeNames)), containing 
shortest distance as well as shortest path from origin to each node.If there is no 
path from origin to a node, the algorithm returns NodeName -> (Integer.MAX_VALUE, List())

Internally, the code uses two helper classes:
Edge: basic immutable encapsulation of a directed edge
Node: mutable encapsulation of a Node, containing a list of edges to neighboring
nodes, as well as var members for distance, previous node on shortest path and 
visited flag.

The graph is represented internally by a map of NodeName -> Node and by the reference
relationships between nodes and edges.