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{port_sources, ["c_src/*.c"]}.
{so_name, ""}.
{port_envs, [
{".*", "CFLAGS", "$CFLAGS -g -Wall"},
%% Make sure to link -lstdc++ on linux or solaris
{"(linux|solaris)", "LDFLAGS", "$LDFLAGS -lstdc++ -lexpat"},
%% OS X Leopard flags for 64-bit
{"darwin9.*-64$", "CXXFLAGS", "-m64"},
{"darwin9.*-64$", "LDFLAGS", "-arch x86_64 -lexpat"},
%% OS X Snow Leopard flags for 32-bit
{"darwin10.*-32$", "CXXFLAGS", "-m32"},
{"darwin10.*-32$", "LDFLAGS", "-arch i386 -lexpat"}
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