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Retrieve paper metadata from conference proceedings and journals indexed in DBLP. Currently, retrieval of the following properties is supported:

  • paper title
  • authors
  • heading (corresponds to journal issue or conference session name)
  • page range
  • paper length
  • link to electronic edition of paper

The tool validates the page ranges and adds a log message to column comment in case possible inconsistencies are detected. Tested with ICSE, FSE, TSE, and TOSEM 2014-2018.



Python 3 is required. The dependencies are specified in requirements.txt. To install those dependencies execute:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Optional: Setup virtual environment with pyenv and virtualenv before executing the above command:

pyenv install 3.7.2
pyenv virtualenv 3.7.2 dblp-retriever_3.7.2
pyenv activate dblp-retriever_3.7.2

pip3 install --upgrade pip


Basic usage:

python3 -i <path_to_input_file> -o <path_to_output_dir>

Call without parameters to get information about possible parameters:


usage: [-h] -i INPUT_FILE -o OUTPUT_DIR [-d DELIMITER] error: the following arguments are required: -i/--input-file, -o/--output-dir


As input, the tool expects a CSV file with the following three columns: venue, year, and identifier. Column venue is a custom name for the conference or journal, year should be self-explanatory, and identifier is the DBLP identifier of a particular journal volume or conference proceeding.

This identifier can be extracted from the DBLP-URL as follows. In this example, we extract conf/sigsoft/fse2018 as the identifier of the ESEC/FSE 2018 proceedings:


An exemplary input file can be found here:

venue year identifier
ICSE 2014 conf/icse/icse2014
... ... ...
FSE 2018 conf/sigsoft/fse2018
... ... ...
TSE 2018 journals/tse/tse44
... ... ...

To retrieve the paper metadata for the configured venues, you just need to run the following command:

python3 -i input/venues.csv -o output/

The tool logs the retrieval process:

2019-01-22 10:53:02,584 dblp-retriever_logger INFO: Reading venues from input/venues.csv...
2019-01-22 10:53:02,588 dblp-retriever_logger INFO: 20 venues have been imported.
2019-01-22 10:53:02,847 dblp-retriever_logger INFO: Successfully retrieved TOC of venue: conf/icse/icse2014
2019-01-22 10:53:02,977 dblp-retriever_logger INFO: Successfully parsed TOC of venue: conf/icse/icse2014
2019-01-22 10:53:03,121 dblp-retriever_logger INFO: Successfully retrieved TOC of venue: conf/icse/icse2015-1
2019-01-22 10:53:07,530 dblp-retriever_logger INFO: Successfully parsed TOC of venue: journals/tosem/tosem27
2019-01-22 10:53:07,532 dblp-retriever_logger INFO: Exporting papers to output/venues.csv...
2019-01-22 10:53:07,548 dblp-retriever_logger INFO: 1564 papers have been exported.

And writes the retrieved data to the configured output directory:

venue year identifier heading title authors pages length electronic_edition
ICSE 2014 conf/icse/icse2014 Perspectives on Software Engineering Cowboys, ankle sprains, and keepers of quality: how is video game development different from software development? Emerson R. Murphy-Hill; Thomas Zimmermann; Nachiappan Nagappan 1-11 11
ICSE 2014 conf/icse/icse2014 Modeling TradeMaker: automated dynamic analysis of synthesized tradespaces. Hamid Bagheri; Chong Tang; Kevin J. Sullivan 106-116 11
TOSEM 2018 journals/tosem/tosem27 Volume 27, Number 4, November 2018 Variability-Aware Static Analysis at Scale: An Empirical Study. Alexander von Rhein; Jörg Liebig; Andreas Janker; Christian Kästner; Sven Apel 18:1-18:33 33