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Mark's Enclosure Helper

This is an OpenSCAD script for generating a two peice hinged box, with rounded corners, lid, interlocking rims, snap fit, magnet, or screw closures, and easy places for adding cutouts or additions to any face. All features are optional and specified by defining a few simple variables. Included utility functions make perforations, text and image decorations possible in a single line of code.

Additional parts inculding dovetails and belt clips are also included.

We've tried to make this useable for those less comfortable with or even new to OpenSCAD. See the "Let's Build a Bee Box" tutorial:

Experienced OpenSCAD users may wish to skip straight to the docs:

or to hacking at the included examples:

Eyeglass Belt Case

Interlocking Parts Boxes

Mini Mint Tin with Magnet or Catch Clasp

Neddle Keeper with Sizing Guage

4 Spool Thread Keeper

Card Deck Case

We hope you find this code useful, and ask that you hit this donate link please.

We've got a large collection of mouths to feed and your generous donations may help me convince my lovely, loving, and patient wife that losing me to a coding project for the last month was worthwhile.

My inspriration :)

Copyright (c) 2019 Mark and Marie Lamb. Distributed under GPLv3, see LICENSE file for terms.


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