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Assembles and displays information of German Rail (DB) and other departures on an easy to set up display using a pi.
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Many people wait for their transport near train stations or bus stops: For example, because they still drinking coffee before the trainleaves, because the foyer of the public swimming pool in winter is more pleasant than the cold and damp bus stop. They want to know if their train is delayed and when they have to go to get it. At the moment, such displays can only be created and maintained with configuration effort. The information is in several systems and not easily assembled.

Our project want to make it possible to check current travel information without a smartphone and makes it available to people with an empty battery, full hands (suitcase) or those without a smartphone.

We want to produce an easy to set up adopted display sytem using raspberry pi hardware and raspibian as the base for our software. As data sources we want to use German Rail IRIS and other sources used by other transport operators.

The project is currently underdevelopment. It is aimed primarliy at Germany and the its transport operators.

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