IIPMooViewer is an advanced javascript HTML5 image viewer for streaming high resolution scientific images
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Versione estesa di IIPMooViewer che permette di effetturare misure sull'immagine. Basato su IIPMooViewer di Ruven Pillay ruven@users.sourceforge.net con l'ausilio della libreria Raphaël.js http://raphaeljs.com


  • aggiunta di quote interattive
  • diverse unità di misura
  • sistema interattivo per personalizzare le unità di misura


Now modify the path and image names in the example HTML page provided - index.html - to create a working client :-)

    var iipmooviewer = new IIPMooViewerDim( "viewer", {
      image: "/path/to/image.tif",
      credit: "My Title",
      measureExpanded: false, // show the quote panel at the start-up
      scale: 15.3, // number of pixel in a mm


From the navigation panel click the ruler to show/hide the measure tools. When measure tool are visibile:

  • you can't drag the image with mouse
  • if there is only one quote, click and drag draw the quote in another place (shift key lock on 45° step)
  • you can refine a quote dragging the arrows
  • you can drag a quote from the label
  • from the measure panel you can switch from several measure unit and define a custom reference
  • with custom unit active, on the image is visible a red quote. This is the reference of all other quote. Set a distance with the red quote, and double click on label (or click on "..." button in measure panel) to set the equivalent distance
  • in the meausure panel, clicking on the colored icon of a quote can switch from simple line and circle.


/javascript : the necessary minified iipmooviewer and mootools javascript files

/css : iip.css, iipdim.css and ie.css (for Internet Explorer)

/images : icons and image files

/src : uncompressed source javascript files


Additional options to the IIPMooViewerDim class constructor:

measureExpanded : show the measure panel at the start up. [default: false]

scale : number of pixel in a mm. Required to show the measure tools.

Public Functions

showMeasureTools(state, animate): Show/Hide the measures panel.