PiTalk with 3.2" LCD. Modular and IoT enabled Smartphone based on Raspberry Pi
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Modular Smartphone on Raspberry Pi.

Steps for PiTalk software installation -

  1. Open Terminal and download the code by writing:

    git clone https://github.com/sbcshop/PiTalk_3.2.git
  2. Your code will be downloaded to '/home/pi' directory. Use 'ls' command to check the list of directories.

  3. Go to directory 'PiTalk_3.2' and run the command to change the permissions:

    sudo chmod +x setup

    and then run 'setup', but make sure Raspberry Pi is connected to Internet.

    sudo ./setup

    It will reboot your Raspberry Pi

  4. Go to directoy 'PiTalk_3.2' and you will see there are two GUI files i.e. GUI32_Landscape.py and GUI32_Portrait.py. As its name indicates it will create PiTalk GUI in Landscape and Portrait mode.

  5. Lets run the PiTalk code (Landscape or Portrait Mode). Open the terminal and write:

    For Raspberry Pi 3 or 3B+ use 'ttyS0' if PiTalk is connected through GPIO or 'ttyUSB3' if connected through USB

    sudo python3 ./GUI32_Landscape.py ttyS0

    For other version use 'ttyAMA0' if connected through GPIO or 'ttyUSB3' if connected throught USB or

    sudo python3 ./GUI32_Portrait.py ttyAMA0

    Note: Default it will take 'ttyS0' port. It means if you simply write :

    sudo python3 ./GUI32_Portrait.py


    sudo python3 ./GUI32_Landscape.py

    It will also work but for Raspberry Pi 3 or 3B+ only.

  6. It will run PiTalk code on HDMI screen. If you want to run this code on 3.2" LCD, go to 'setting' app and go to 'Screen Orientation'. You will see diffrent orientation at different angles. Click to any angle will reboot your Raspberry Pi and start GUI on 3.2" LCD.

  7. Now to run the PiTalk code on 3.2" LCD, repeat Step 5

For more details, go to http://pitalk.co.uk/

For blogs and projects, go to http://sb-components.co.uk/pitalk-blog.html

Go to https://shop.sb-components.co.uk/ to order your PiTalk now