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A way to view free time on a google calendar and create an appointment
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This project is now for a calendar hack. When a user signs up they pick a google calendar to be viewed publicly. They pick a user name which will be part of the user. When another person goes to that url they will see the user's free and busy time. They can then create apt with the user.

Using rvm and bundler. Gemset name is cfur because it was another project I forked to make this.

example here:

You now need to set GKEY and GSECRET. Why? Because I didnt read the readme when I started.

Original Project Notes:

Fork notes:

I updated the "twitter-oauth-sinatra" app to make it work with Google Mail and Google Apps Mail. As a bonus, it gets the email address of the user, as we do on Quite useful if you want to use IMAP or SMTP with these tokens, with the gmail_xoauth for example :)

For your local tests, launch: CONSUMER_SECRET=mysecret ruby app.rb

Last version of this code can be found at

Contact me at

Original README from

directions using heroku for hosting:

create twitter app at for callback url use note consumer key and consumer secret

heroku create heroku config:add consumer_key= consumer_secret= git push heroku master

inspired by

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