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Barometer/Thermometer/Hygrometer over 433Mhz wireless
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Barometer Project


This project implements a barometer over 433Mhz wireless. The idea is to make many sensors (30 or so) and put them in my 3D filament containers. Each sensor uses a BME280 as the sensor, a ATTINY85 as the CPU, and a FS1000A as the transmitter.

On a raspberry pi, we use a 433Mhz receiver to receive and decode the packets.


My current working version uses the ATTINY85. You'll need to use my fork of TinyBME280 as I added support for sleep mode.


My original prototype using an ATMEGA328. Also supported an ePaper display. Too big and consumed too much power.

Attributions and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to the sources I found on the web that were useful in implementing this project.

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