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App that puts your phone into Silent mode when you need it to, automatically. Trust me this is not even the basic introduction of what it is. More details below.

A video has also been made.

Why DnD?

Remember those moments when you are on the road, your phone beeps and that is when you realize your phone should have been in Silent mode but it is not (which becomes obvious now), and then hits the irresistible urge to pick up your phone. You are not alone, almost all people experience this. It is this exact situation that endangers people. DnD solves this problem by magically putting your phone into silent mode when you start driving.


DnD is being developed for codefundo++ which sets the motive to predict and prepare for natural disasters.
So how do we relate our idea to the theme?
Road accidents take more toll than the natural disasters. You need not trust us, here check this link to verify. A majority of the road accidents are due to people using their mobile devices while driving. Such accidents caused due to people being distracted by their mobile phones point to the root cause as the phone. We prepare for our case where the phone magically goes into Silent and so it cannot be a distraction when the user is driving. Thus those accidents are avoided.

Magic Sauce

To keep is as simple as possible and to have the most reach to the whole world, we developed DnD for Android with the lowest possible release being supported. No extra hardware or internet is needed, which makes it all the more accessible. The app is not hard on your phone's battery. With your saftey coming first, DnD works even when you force close the app. Privacy playing a major role nowadays, we do not track you or store your information.


You are free to fork DnD, make changes, improvements and submit Pull Requests. Issues are welcome too, once our team gets time they will start working on them. As of now, the codefundo++ event is rolling and so your Pull Requests will not be merged, but you are free to submit them, this being Hacktober time. Before joining this community, make sure you check the code of conduct page.

The team

Have a great day :)


App that puts your phone into Silent mode when you need it to, automatically.



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