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An information extraction toolkit.

To discuss the project with use, join our maing list:!forum/bluestocking-dev

This project depends on NLTK. You will need to install it before running these scripts.

To run tests:


To run factchecker demo, try this:

python "The sky is not blue."

or this:

python "People never eat fish. Goldfish are unpopular."

This test a document against the Simple English Wikipedia articles for each word in the string passed as argument.

(Warning: documents with long sentences take longer to query)

Scripts included:

Defines Document class for wrapping raw text and Parser class for extracting Relations from a Document.

Documents have a method to turn them into Doxaments (see below).

Defines a Doxament class. A Doxament contains many Relations. A Doxament may be queried for consistency with another Doxament. They may also be merged to form a more complete knowledge base.

Relations encapsulate a semantically significant lexical cooccurence.

other and from

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