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#10 fix example on main page

Update the readme to specify that a transaction should be active, as well as linking to the JPA Unit tests for further documentation.
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@@ -2,11 +2,15 @@ Fixy : Yaml fixtures for Java
[![Build Status](](
+ *Winner - 2012 10gen Open Source Hackathon*
+ *"Fixy has made my unit-testing life (outside of using Play framework) quite a bit easier" -Fixy User*
Fixy makes unit testing your persistence layer much easier using [SnakeYAML]( to
create test fixtures and persist them to your database. It's similar to Rails and Play! Framework's test
fixtures, with a few goodies added such as **package declaration**, **imports**, and **processors**
Supported Persistence Frameworks:
@@ -28,7 +32,7 @@ employees.yaml:
lastName: Gibbons
manager: Employee(bill)
-Now use your fixtures from Java:
+Now use your fixtures from Java: (assuming you have a transaction active)
//load fixtures
Fixy fixtures = JPAFixy.create(entityManager);
@@ -113,13 +117,7 @@ Contributors
- Chris Collison (@collisonchris)
- Mohamed Mounirou (@mmounirou)
-Upgrading from 1.X:
- - Change dependency artifactId from fixy to fixy-jpa
- - Change package from com.pearson to com.fixy
- - Use JPAFixy.create() rather than new Fixy()
-More Info
+Additional Documentation
-For now, have a look at the unit tests for your persistence framework.
+See the [JPA unit tests]( for some great usage examples.

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