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gimby commented Aug 21, 2012

Hi. Really nice API there which has made my unit-testing life (outside of using Play framework) quite a bit easier. Also thanks for making it available through Maven.

I have one suggestion that slowed me down for about half an hour and made me unnecessarily curse you - you may want to actually mention in your example code on the front page that you need to manually start a transaction before loading the fixtures. Otherwise you get no error but no data in the database either, of course I was naturally assuming that I somehow screwed up my exploratory yaml file :)

Its just fine that you have unit tests in the source code that act as the 'full' documentation of the library, but you might want to mention that directly in the example on the main page as one of the first things you read in stead of at the very end of the page. For too long I was left thinking that the little bit of text was the only documentation I was going to get and I was already quite ready to just give up on using Fixy because of that.


sberan commented Aug 21, 2012

Hi there! Thanks for the input, and very glad to hear that you're using Fixy!

I agree that these two items would be a great thing to add to the documentation. Would you mind taking a stab at updating the documentation and submitting a pull request? It sounds like you have a very good grasp on what aught to be updated.


@sberan sberan added a commit that referenced this issue Sep 14, 2012

@sberan sberan #10 fix example on main page
Update the readme to specify that a transaction should be active, as well as linking to the JPA Unit tests for further documentation.

sberan commented Sep 14, 2012

I've updated the to reflect these suggestions. Thanks again for using Fixy!

sberan closed this Sep 14, 2012

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