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Version 2.0.0: Simplify public API

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@sbergen sbergen released this 26 Feb 15:57
· 138 commits to main since this release

Simplifies the public API by reducing the number of overloads used. This should make auto-completion and compiler errors more friendly.

  • Removes WaitForCondition, WaitForConditionOn and WaitForCoroutine overrides, which make a result using a selector: Select can be used instead.
  • Synchronous ThenRespondWith overrides renamed to ThenRespondWithFunc and ThenRespondWithAction
  • Splits WaitForCoroutine to two versions:
    • WaitForCoroutine: takes description as the first argument, as per the convention used in other similar methods
    • WaitForCoroutineMethod: uses the method name as description

Bumping major version for semver reasons, doesn't otherwise mark any milestone.