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Proxy RPC requests to any host for SocketStream
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Proxy Request Responder for SocketStream 0.3

This is an absolute bare bones proxy responder for SS.

It will allow you to specify a host:port and a few other options and proxy all GET, POST, PUT and DELETE verbs to the specified host.

This implementation also includes LZJB compression.

Try it out

Clone the repo locally and install it with:

[sudo] npm link

Create a new SocketStream project and create a local link to this repo:

cd my_new_socketstream_project
[sudo] npm link ss-echo-responder

Add the Echo Responder to your stack:

// in app.js

Start your app then call the Echo Responder in the browser's console:

ss.echo('Test from browser');

The responder will transform the message into uppercase before calling alert() in the browser.


Performance: I was able to get around 24 ops/sec on an iPad 2 & 3 which is my target platform.

Thanks to the creator of jslzjb (


SS-Proxy-Responder is released under the MIT license.

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