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Mitgliederverlauf der Piratenpartei Deutschland
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Generate plots of the number of members of the
Piratenpartei Deutschland (Pirate Party Germany).

Works with:
	GNU Make 3.81
	Ruby 1.8
	Gnuplot 4.4
	pngcrush 1.7.9

Then just type "make" to generate the plot in PNG format.

The result is uploaded to

The *.txt files are public domain since their content
is basically compiled from numbers below threshold of
The numbers are taken from public sources (like public
logs of the Piratenpartei Deutschland).

Note that the project is hosted on GitHub, see:

I appreciate forks that, e.g., beautify the output,
insert missing information or that just add nice

 -- Stephan Beyer <s-beyer at gmx dot net>
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